2020 iPad Pro Review: It's… A Computer?!

The iPad Pro refresh is impressive. But does it answer the question?

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Apple Releases iOS & iPadOS 13.4: Here's What's New!

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  1. Do I see a Model Y review coming…


  2. Funny Skit

  3. Maaan I want that magnet paper so bad 😩😭😭

  4. The intro was full of cringe..!

  5. this is my favorite intro ever 😂

  6. Track pad doesn't make sense

  7. I am using an ipad 2019 basic model model it can edit video in 1080 p faster than my computer, perfect for writing, and with a logitech keyboard. I am using more my ipad than my old 2014 macbook pro. So yes if you have an old computer it can.

  8. Felt like you spoke fast this video.

  9. I want it so bad 😔

  10. Best fkn intro

  11. Since my iPad Air 2, I’ve been saying I don’t understand why Apple doesn’t focus on self facing camera equally? Especially with so many professional social media producers these days. Having such a large monitor for self filming make it ideal if the video were professional quality… call me crazy. Yes awkward form factor but, shoot with amazing monitor, edit, and upload all from one device. But also now without the headphone out and lightning connection, no longer can use all the cool third party microphones so…I guess not. I was really hoping for a pro version of my iPad Air2(with my DIY walnut cage with five 1/4 20 mounts)rig someday:(

  12. Still not letting go of the surface line

  13. @ 11:44 what weather app is that ? Anyone ?

  14. Everyone go sub to Alina.r

  15. No info on how the battery performance is on this 1 and charging time/speed. Can't expect from you to miss in the review!!

  16. When to discover how much RAM a device comes with is a quest… Apple. You pay, we don't say… honestly, plain stupid.

  17. Me: is this an iphone 11, a computer, or a ipad?
    Apple: Well… we dont know

  18. What mouse pad is that?

  19. If you can't play tf2 it's not a computer

  20. Zebulon is a good song.

  21. friend-hey i bought a new computer!
    me-where is it?
    friend-Here in my bag.

    me – so you bought a laptop.
    friend – bought the IpAd PrO
    me-show it
    friend-shows me the first version of it


  23. Can anyone suggest what software is used to do the tracking text layover (or what that's really called) at 4:55–5:07?

  24. Wait! You are telling me the whole audio was recorded using the iPad? Holy shit! Why aren't you guys talking about it lol?

  25. 420 in the thumbnail

  26. Consumer: "Do all new iPads have 6 GB of RAM?"

    Apple: "You'll find out after you buy it."

    Typical Apple response.

  27. It’s weed o’clock in the thumbnail

  28. Looks like Apple finally realized what's a computer…

  29. Lol. Very funny shit. So good.

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