$2,500,000 Bonus Cash Opportunity In GTA 5 Online – FREE Epic Games Store Copy, Starter Pack & MORE!


$2,500,000 Bonus Cash Opportunity In GTA 5 Online – FREE Epic Games Store Copy, Starter Pack & MORE!
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In today’s Grand Theft Auto 5 video – Rockstar Games officially talked about GTA 5 being available on the Epic Games Store including the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, bonus cash opportunities and MORE!


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  1. Yo I’m so annoyed I didn’t even get it and I’ve wanted to get it in the pc for a while for all the mods and stuff 😞💀

  2. I hope someone can answer my question.
    Is it possible if Ill buy sharkcards from steam to use on my epic games launcher?

  3. I linked my twitch to my epic for the game and it says claimed but I still have $30,000 and it said the online servers are down today what do I do im pissed.

  4. I just started playing a week ago and already tried because of all those mk2 flying around and bombing players without any reason 🙄

  5. I redeemed the game on my phone Chrome browser with 3 accounts… Now I have 3 gta 5 premium edition for free😎

  6. I need help logging in rockstar game launcher. It has a no symbol sign on log in. I just got this game free :/

  7. What do they mean by 'first time starter pack owners get the 1 million? So existing players don't, only new players get? I didn't understand.

  8. Its 97 gigabytes for GTA and it takes about 5 hours or more download generally but mine is taking two days.🙎‍♂️

  9. Guys anyone help me please I couldn't find anything on the Internet about HOW CAN I GET 1 M MONEY PLEASE HELP ME

  10. Can the bonus cash and criminal starter pack be available for both new-players and long existing players?
    Just need to clarify.

  11. I have a question I got it on my epic account and its ready to download when i get on a pc the question i have ,I have gta on xbox,will I get the money on my gta account too will it transfer or does pc upload money separately like 360 and one or ps3 and ps4 or do the accounts link together

  12. Me friend and i downloaden it on the same day, and he's allready got 1.5M gifted and I didn't get anything yet, pls somebody explain, thanks


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