Apple Releases iOS & iPadOS 13.4: Here's What's New!

Apple today released iOS 13.4 and iPadOS 13.4, the latest major updates to the iOS 13 operating system that was released in September. In this video, we go through some of the new features that you can expect to see in the latest updates.


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  1. Still using Logitech split keyboard ?

  2. Do you think Final Cut Pro X will come to Ipad Pro???

  3. i would like to suggest CLOSE ALL APP button when we swipe to multitasking menu. What u guys think? Very annoying to close each app

  4. I’d love CarPlay to show real-time lyrics for songs.

  5. Can we use the iCloud Folder sharing with others on MacOS?

  6. Apple needs to:
    1. redesign the notification center. It's ridiculous.
    2. add haptic feedback to the keyboard, and better yet, make it possible to customize different intensities to your heart's content.
    Those who are concerned with battery can just turn it off.
    3. make it possible to adjust volume for independent apps/settings and not this general thing they're doing, forcing you to do it while the thing is being played, such as separate volume control for keyboard volume, music volume, ring volume, system volume…hey…much like Android.
    4. add suggestions from the address book when you're dialing a phone number. Common now Apple.
    5. make it possible to customize the texting app in every conceivable way. Font size, bubble size shape color.
    6. make it possible to schedule a message to be sent at a certain time/date.
    7. make it possible to move the icons anywhere you want to.
    8. make it possible to stitch screen shots right there as you're taking them.
    9. Use an OS-wide clipboard.
    10. Give us an option to NOT go to the next email but back to inbox after deleting an email.

  7. For all I want is to be able to go to the home screen using my Apple Pencil. I don’t understand why I can swipe up from the bottom with my finger but doing so with the Apple Pencil does not work. The whole point of the Apple Pencil other than being useful is to avoid fingerprints and smudges. It’s counterproductive when I then have to use my finger to swipe up from the bottom.

  8. 👺

  9. Another useless update.

  10. Ana sakin fi agadir

  11. Bidk t3tin hatif

  12. I’m not updating anything!!

  13. Just saw the update on my phone I wonder if is worth it.

  14. What about using 3rd party maps as primary?

  15. Thirteen DOT four??? 🥴🥴

  16. What kind of psycho says dot instead of point

  17. nothing great-moving on

  18. Experiencing a momentary delay ( blank screen) when I open the camera app ! 11 pro max

  19. What do you know about the HomePod improvements?

  20. Dropbox is number one iCloud once you erase it you end up erasing everything in the cloud no thanks Apple

  21. More minor upgrades from Apple typical 🍎

  22. MacRumors bans people that criticize Apple for the sake of keeping their image. That’s a move against the consumer. Boycott MacRumors!

  23. Faster than saying “hey Siri what song is this?” ?

  24. Got it nothing new

  25. Has anyone else seen Mac Rumors videos flicker from time to time? (maybe auto ISO or just me)

  26. Emojis are awful. 😱

  27. Nothing new

  28. I miss two features for CarPlay;

    1. Navigation apps can now populate the navi widget on the dashboard instead of locking in Apple Maps.

    2. Phone calls won’t cover the whole screen anymore.

  29. amazing video it was really entertaining

  30. Everyone try now. It just came now!

  31. still waiting for 13.4, I haven't get the upgrade yet.

  32. Got it… try now

  33. Not here

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