chocoTaco Tests CoD Warzone PLUNDER Mode ft. Viss and RealKraftyy – Call of Duty Warzone Gameplay

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Music: “DuDa” by Ian Post, from

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  1. You should have to repack your parachute after each time you use it. That could be a way to punish the building campers. Make it take like 5 seconds or something

  2. Loadouts should not carry over. This is a game that can bring more and new players into the series no one wants to play a game where they start out at a disadvantage

  3. I’ve found out the best way to play this is to just loot do contracts and open the cash drops and stay away from other players I’ll go through this getting one or 2 kills and be fine I played by myself today I turned squad fill off and solo’d the whole game and got 7th place with almost $900k I was In first place most of the game which got me into 2 fights luckily never died and I never deposited cash just loot loot loot the whole game.

  4. C A S H

  5. Battle royal, but now it's highly capitalist:v

  6. I just run over 2 guys with SUV

  7. 25:18 Swoops guy hard. Mock's him, "Must be frustrating".
    33:10 Get's swooped hard. Frustrating.

  8. This mode is crazy. But fun!!!!!!play this more often! This cash mode alone is the most enjoyable streams
    I have watched in the game world. I think mode is more employable for tge person watching.pubg has its employment but this is brining more fun to my ears and eye's

  9. Hello chocotaco i love you

  10. Spawning with a gun is so weird to me now. I played pubg way too long. Lol

  11. Can i add you to play this, you guys seem awesome lol

  12. chocotaco is that you🙄🤔

  13. You poor now 😂😂

  14. What's up with Chocotaco and Car horns?! XD @chocotaco

  15. So much money 😂😂… that sad voice .. my first game I won 300k at the end

  16. I payed for 4 precision strikes and a uav. Waited untill there was 20 people left. Called the uav and nothing else could be done !
    No air strikes????? WTF? 17k wasted .

  17. They were sneaking on me bro.

    2mins earlier. Tagging them with drone haha

  18. Im so dumb, i think that was a "plunger" not a plunder

    Like if you do that too

  19. Chaco….. My all time favorite streamer… Keep up buddy

  20. the fact that you can keeps respawning, are making it less thrilling. should make it dead permanently

  21. 1 or 2 guys in squad buy secured balloons. Allows 150,000 deposits on the fly and the balloons regen.

  22. Plunder is way more fun than the BR

  23. my cod is force close … i have i7 3770 rx 570 and 8g ram.. i think the prob here is lack of ram?

  24. My laptop Mx130 2vram – I5 8265, 12gb ram ddr4, can i run this with low setting ??

  25. Everyone camping at the banks lol, they should make it take 1 minute to redeploy to avoid the swarming

  26. "Look at my Tamagachi… wow. "

    I'm ded

  27. Pubg not deserve to play anymore !

  28. So this game is basically
    a pubg, fortnite and apex

  29. 1.3 million subscribers and yet so much advertising sad ..

  30. Should have used the balloons

  31. It's so great to see all the learning happening, feels great to be clueless sometimes because then we have something to work towards!

  32. Some one mentioned this to me, now down loading, big file though. The bullet cracks are very realistic.

  33. You say it’s so loud @chocoTaco but you should hear flybys in real life.

  34. Owwwwkey! 😂 good bye PUBG!

  35. 5:12 for a second i heard "there is a whore in this game"

  36. How to ruin cod franchise part 69

  37. Really enjoying Plunder mode. Apex is still a far better BR game but plunder is super fun for a unique experience!

  38. You can run over the money to pick it up, Choco.🤣

  39. 24:33 that is the camper's nest…died 3 times today on my own game by same team..they are just like camping the whole game..wtf

  40. does warzone requires mdern warfare to install?

  41. I'm not your normal

  42. Waiting for more cod mw content

  43. 3:36 The timing of the thumbs up.

  44. watching pubg gameplay: Dude always win..
    what a satisfaction to see choco died literally after some seconds
    BTW i like his gameplay and only english gamer i watch

  45. 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩👀

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