[HD] ENCOUNTER – Kim Jinhyuk (Park Bogum) & Cha Soohyun (Song Hyekyo) Kiss Scenes

couldn’t help but do a compilation, i hope i managed to get every scene into this compilation! 🙏🏻

no copyright infringement intended.

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Kim Da Mi ♥ Park Seo Joon ~ behind the scenes moments

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  1. menurut aku inilah kiss terlamaaaa dan terdalam yang prnah q liat di drama… mereka trliat sangat saling mencintai

  2. Hanggang ngayon ang sarap balikan ng encounter…😍

  3. 😭😭😭😭😭

  4. 😍😍😍😍

  5. Their is large age different am i right??

  6. Wow.. That's what i call Kissing!!!

  7. Oh my that's way too intense.

  8. Park bogum is one of the few korean actors who kiss passionately. It’s 2020 and im wondering why i havent heard any upcoming dramas of him yet.

  9. omg! You don't need a blanket in the winter…this scene is enough to warm anyone up! Some of those expressions could have been more on point but they got so much right !!…the hopeless and helpless abandon with which they hold each other!! The complete surrender! Man this director really is something!

  10. La canción de fondo en español, aw.

  11. Drama indimenticabile…Bo Gum e Song Hyekyo sono strepitosi 👏👏👏👏#parkbogum è il migliore 🌹

  12. It is showing again in Asianovelas of TVPlus… so cyute and so sweet.

  13. Whatever happened, love SHK most, then the man she loves. Hope she's always happy. Whatever she does, i'm always support

  14. io

  15. OMG! I miss them both. Hoping to see them again in a new drama. Park Bo Gum is a good kisser.

  16. Now this is chemistry 🔥🔥

  17. Always park bo gum acting very nice I melted

  18. Hayyyss sarap mainlove pero nkktakot sumugal lalo n s pnahon ngayon…

    Mahigit 10 years nang walang lovelife…napanood q to feeling q inlove ako s knilang dalawa…d nkksawang ulit ulitin d ako mka move on s knila hayysss

  19. Fanatics park bo gum and song hye kyo hope someday making commercials both them….

  20. I really love this drama😍😍
    They are both mature☺☺

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