Super sub Gabriel Jesus’ 80th minute goal ensured Man City took all three points away from the King Power stadium.


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  6. What an incredible assist by mahrez

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  9. I remember the thunder Bolt from Vincent kompany

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  15. lol lets be honest here , algerian platform is huge in mancity cause of mahriz if u look in the media , cause the player made most of algeria support Manchester City 👌👌

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  19. Let ederson take the penalty

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  22. That day i was in Oran in Algeria driving .Around 6:30 pm the streets started to be empty and i saw people going to the cafeterias .I was curios i stoped in some random cafeteria , i asked someone what happened , if there is some special event?why the streets are almost empty on this time and why the cafetrias are all full?
    He said : You dont know , look at the TV who is playing : Manchester City and Mahrez is playing today.I watched the whole game and i realised how much the Algerians people loves football and how much Mahrez is special for them .
    Maybe Manchester City fans didnt realised yet but you guys have 40 millions fans in Algeria 🙂

  23. Mahrez is the best in man city

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  30. Manchester city is a big looser- a team of great disgrace- disqualified from UEFA- their Karma- hahaha

  31. Number 28 from Liecester , is he serious? 1:39

  32. Mahrez 😘 26 Mahrez 😘 26

  33. MAn =mahrez

  34. Mahrez the best ❤❤❤

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