Highlights | Manchester United 5-0 Club Brugge | UEFA Europa League

See all the goals from United’s 5-0 win over Club Brugge in the UEFA Europa League, including a first for the Reds for Odion Ighalo!

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  1. Poorboy Simon Deli

  2. Ighallo and Fred brothers in arms

  3. I love when we wear white socks in Europe every season

  4. Seriously Bruno, 2 times PK with same style? 🤔
    Next must change ur style if not GK can read the ball

  5. The only reason I'm here is because of FERNANDES, BRUNOOOOOOOO

  6. That was great

  7. 0:07 super save

  8. This is just goals, not highlights cmon. This video would have been 15 seconds if it was 1 goal.

  9. need extended highlight


  11. Ok

  12. Too short highlights , should have been at least 5 mins

  13. Lingardinho perfect passs

  14. the moment a defender becomes a goalkeeper 😂 0:06

  15. Urll Feb in urll moda cont

  16. Giving Fred a second was an excellent idea (I wish they did the same for Lukaku and Sanchez).

  17. Deli's a better goalkeeper than De Gea lmao

  18. Lingard actually done something lol

  19. This channel is a joke. Fools

  20. Classifica pra champions league, em nome dos seus fãs de todo o mundo!!!

  21. WOW. They definately waited till after everton to upload this. If other media outlets can have highlights ready within hours of the match finishing then this was definitely planned as a way to cushion any blows we had against everton. The propaganda that Manchester United is delving into is worryingly frequent and manipulative and its becoming politicised.

  22. “UNITED”

  23. I knew it, Bruno would be fire in Man U..(Scouser)

  24. Man Utd is like a switch.

  25. The admin for this youtube page knew we would drop points against Everton after this game so he delayed it trying to make fans forget about Everton game.

    You would think us fans have goldfish memory?

  26. I think we need a great striker. Today, Martial and Greenwood were horrible

  27. Congratulations to all usa and nato lose the war against world super heroes taliban ♥️

  28. Sack Ole

  29. Not fast updated

  30. Ighalo💓💓💓💓

  31. Pengalihan isu ini untuk kegagalan lawan everton :v

  32. Ole out
    Who agree like….

  33. If we could perform like this often

  34. So proud of beating a third tiered club lol

  35. I love the Manchester United, but honestly posting This after the performance VS Everton , really! The Club has been a disaster after Fergie left. And i hope we Get to the Glorydays AS quick as possible! We where Linked with fernandes since summer, and Even a bit before that, and The Club denied all interests for Bruno. Suddenely we Signed him ? Bruno is a classplayer! But the Club has to do deals quicker! 17 years old Manchester United fan from 🇳🇴 been a MUFC fan all my Life!

  36. Y’all posting this so we forget about the Everton draw? Pathetic

  37. Glory Glory Man Utd

  38. Most of the goals were from passing into the middle of the box

  39. Fred underrated

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