Jason Momoa vs Amber Heard Transformation ★ 2019

Jason Momoa Transformation vs Amber Heard Transformation 2019
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  1. Amber the abuser

  2. Husband beater!! She’s a mealy mouthed skank, yuck! 👹 Way out of his league, he is a god. She’s just, meh, dime a dozen.

  3. well, i think jason got better looking with each year lol. also. amber heard you can go to hell you bitch.

  4. 6:22 The Wolverine

  5. Music ?

  6. Why there are no comments about her looking exactly the same other than weight.
    Dudes faces fill out till like 30 at least

  7. She’s natural beauty , It’s might be her smile seduced my soul to be her slave , in love .

  8. Qual nome da música de fundo alguem sabe , manda aii pfr

  9. gorgeous amber

  10. Jason is my dad

  11. Jason is so Hot

  12. They are so beautiful💯❤❤❤💍😚

  13. Amber Heard red hair better ❤️

  14. I think amber is perfect woman😍

  15. Future Kratos

  16. Esse ator ta ferrado kkkkk

  17. Amber Heard's very beautiful girl

  18. Amber is gorgeous💙

  19. น่าสี้มาก

  20. It’s crazy how when you see young aquaman it acually looks like Momoa. Also shout out to Amber Heard, she always looks stunning.

  21. Jason Momoa

  22. 1:57 Jason momoa looks exactly like Roman Reigns

  23. Que come esta gente!!🙊🙊🙊🙊

  24. Xnxx 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  25. 1:25 quem viu a pata do camelo da liki

  26. Jason’s time line is so mixed up lol

  27. They are both hotties

  28. his face never change!

  29. She was too good for Johnny and very young for him

  30. Jason momoa💪



  33. Amber is indeed a beautiful girl. But she is a wicked witch who destroyed an innocent man’s career! She deserves to be in jail for domestic abuse! What a scam for being a spokeperson of domestic abuse when she, herself is an abuser!

  34. Actually Aquaman and Steven Adams

  35. I can eat her .and f… her non stop

  36. Wait! I don’t see her transformation into a giant snake..?

  37. Love jaso

  38. Que fea la esposa de Jason, el es 😍

  39. 2:25 25 years old jason momoa looks like Bob marley

  40. What's????

  41. He just went HOT HOTTER HOOOTTTASSTTTTTT🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  42. When Adds Are Coming During a Vedio, I am Less Likely to Buy That Product.

  43. Al ver he are ufff hermosa

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