Mikel Arteta – The Maestro Of Arsenal (Djamel Mehdaoui)

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While initially thought of as a “pivot” or defensive midfielder in the mould of his hero Pep Guardiola,[29] it is only since being moved to a more attacking role by David Moyes that Arteta’s career has truly begun to flourish. Although he achieved moderate success from central midfield with PSG and Rangers, his move to a more attacking role saw him rated as the sixth most effective player in the Premier League in 2006–07 by the official player ratings system the Actim Index.

With 100 fouls committed against him in the 2006–07 season he was the most fouled player in the Premier League.[30]

Additionally, he has proved an extremely potent creative force thanks mainly to his pinpoint crossing ability and propensity for the killer pass, with his total of 12 league assists in the 2006–07 season being third to Cesc Fàbregas and Cristiano Ronaldo.[31]

Since his move to Arsenal, Arteta, has taken a step back into his childhood position of “pivot” which was alongside Alex Song, before his move to Barcelona, and now Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey and occasionally Abou Diaby, allowing for the liberation of the other Arsenal midfield players by covering the gaps that appear with intelligent movement and passing.


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  1. Get well soon, Gaffer! 😭 #CoronaVirus #AFC

  2. Sad.

  3. One of my favourite players of arsenal is becoming my favourite dt what a dream, Go gooners!

  4. Phisically: not the most impressive, technically: not the most gifted…
    But man, what a football IQ

  5. He was destined to be a coach

  6. i found the video length is 4:44

  7. Who's here after Aresnal beat Manchester United

  8. Who came after Arsenal smashed Manchester United!

  9. Who came here after his first win as a manager againts Man Utd?

  10. Ótimo jogador, ótimo treinador🙅

  11. This guys a natural leader. He’s going to make a great manager.

  12. Not really, the Maestro was Cazorla

  13. What is this …just a few passes and goals makes him a maestro??😂😂only at arsenal it is possible to be with this

  14. i came after him as manager.. #COYG

  15. Good ebenin boiz

  16. Doesn't this music make your head hurt and your spirit shrink?

  17. The New Coach Of Arsenal
    Mikel Arteta

  18. Smart player

  19. Que jugadores teníamos y como no nos dábamos cuenta

  20. His long range passes are compared to non

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