INSIDE TRAINING | Mikel Arteta leads the session!

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  1. Where tf id be without yall?😭😭 tf id be without my slatt?!!yall the best

  2. it really do be 9pm in uk rn

  3. Bro gotta gift

  4. before i die i wanna listen to this 😌

  5. 🦄✨

  6. ft rx peso

  7. Too smooth 🦋🔥

  8. My niggah

  9. This version is better 😔🔥

  10. someone make full playlist on Soundcloud and link me pls


  12. essssketit boys. this so fire my lord

  13. Keep this music coming too smooth… showing that chi-town… best channel so far!

  14. this randomly started playing on my phone. i’m dead ass i didn’t even search it 😳

  15. Nasi215t morning

  16. I posted earrape version 🪐

  17. Adrián wavey

  18. Zika

  19. Love this shit

  20. Ir pra UK, tomar um gin as 9PM

  21. This is so smooth holy shiiit

  22. Keep making these

  23. Somewhere high Up there out for my boys inside they heart that money pile in.

  24. Make sure you have this backed up because if this gets taken down I’ma off myself

  25. You do good work my G

  26. The leaks come to you

  27. what’s the original called ?

  28. Imagine if Carti used a 3 syllable rhyme 🤯

  29. everyone who thought this is a new leak is not a carti fan
    this is an old song called money over all 🤦🏻‍♂️

  30. GAS

  31. you didn't find this leak,this like found you!can't wait that WLR album

  32. At 2:00 i literally drop my phone 🔥🔥

  33. Minecraft mode 1 vibes 😫🔥

  34. yea mate i’m from the uk and this deffo reminds me of 9pm🥴

  35. God danm another banger. You can add this and 7am on spotify fr? I need this stg.

  36. This is beautiful

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