Thẻ ATM sacombank : đổi pin, vấn tin tài khoản

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  1. reaIsea for Indonesia

  2. Note 9 Pro Max for global should have NFC

  3. Xiaomi Note 9 Pro Max on global when?

  4. Ignorance is going on in your existing device like Mi 9 lite.Camera 2 api supports only level 3.Stock Camera is not up to the mark.Only quality is real not quantity.Stop run after quantity.

  5. 18w fast charging…..
    22.5w fast charging inside the box
    Wtf?? Im confused😂😂

  6. 👍🏽
    Great presentation

  7. Wish it will be in 10000 rupees

  8. Xiaomi mobile have too much advertisment in browser with all bloatware apps and its annoying

  9. I like desing and product of xiaomi.

  10. Có video của việt nam kìa

  11. I wish to change the future by my work thank you Xiaomi you give me dreams to do it with you

  12. 3.5mm jack really gets me !

  13. Why RM?

  14. Pls, return back "Call recording" functionality

  15. Love xiomi 💞

  16. India

  17. I don't like side mount fingerprints

  18. 710&712 im joking

  19. I love Mi

  20. Xioami pls bring your deals to Pakistan… ❤️❤️🇵🇰🇵🇰

  21. #TechnoSDSujit

  22. We are all waiting for u

  23. I love mi phone s super excited

  24. I hate the disighn of others, but I love this mobile

  25. Hii mi,
    My call recordings are shown in music palyers and file manager after locked my recorder app this violated my privacy and security anyone who use my phone can easily access my call recordings

  26. K40 coming soon

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