Satellite photos locate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s train as rumours of his health persist


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As speculation continues over Kim Jong Un’s health, satellite imagery has found a train likely belonging to the North Korean leader, a website specialising in studies of the country revealed.

The North Korean Government has not said anything to counter media reports that Mr Kim is unwell, prompting concerns about who is next in line to run a nuclear-armed country that has been ruled by the same family for seven decades.

The satellite photos provided by website 38 North and Airbus show the train has been parked at Kim’s compound in Wonsan on his country’s east coast since at least April 21.

The photos do not provide any clarity over Kim’s health, but they do confirm South Korean government intelligence that he is staying outside of the capital, Pyongyang.

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  1. Puppet master said puppet boy is dead and is looking for replacement as I speak. The Freakshow Kim dynasty is finally over. Little fat boy is dead who cares bye-bye

  2. Why not say how he is by his own country? Speculations, unwell or what ever, why not just truth? Main news knowing nothing based on truth, as always, saying something🙄

  3. Kim is busy planting a brain into Donald Trumpet's head, he has under went surgery to remove a few cells from his own brain, to donate to Donald

  4. Isn’t this how he was introduced into power and into a leadership role? I think this is normal in their culture… they have to let the citizens mind wonder so they can have more profound respect their new leader.

  5. I like how someone has casually played big brother over north korea isn't like a breach of their security if putin was doing this to trump it would probably start another cold war


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