100 Câu nói của Bill Gates làm Thức Tỉnh thế hệ trẻ! [BẢN MỚI]

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  1. 10 years later and this is still legendary

  2. More than 10 years 😭😭😭😭
    Long time ago, I first listened this song.
    I am really touched. It’s so amazing 💛
    24/3/2020 💜

  3. Who's watching this in March 2020? TAEYANG FANBOY since 2009

  4. im still listening in MaRch?! i mean i can take that ring and keep it :3

  5. whose listening to this masterpiece march 2020 and so on??

  6. 22/3/2020

  7. もう10年前とか…生きてきた人生の半分も昔じゃん 歳とったのか私も🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  8. king

  9. Well this was 10 years ago!!!

  10. Nigga in my wedding dress🤣

  11. Childhood song right here

  12. It's okay Taeyang~ you found a better one~ XD

  13. Huyền thoại

  14. 10years and it still gets me everytime i watch it.

  15. November 15,2021

  16. Hi how are you today love oppa I'm tired alot have a great day

  17. Who will be here after 10yrs???

  18. The one and only Threat that is for sure a promise from me is that the world will be left out of the whole Trans-demonsional telepathic technology. That is Good enough for me.

  19. Lockdown era. Who's still listening?

  20. Love you my yb my taeyang my sol.

  21. Quarantine life 🤟🏻

  22. 3:27 kala ko si NEYO

  23. Potangina ang sakit non

  24. I'm literally crying 🥺💜 BEST SONG EVER🥺🥺🥺❤❤😭😭😭

  25. 100% plot twist

  26. Now i get it! He got dumped because of that hair!!!

  27. anyone whos listening this song while COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing? 😭😭😭

  28. 2020?


  30. im 3 days into quarantine its 2am and i am SOBBING

  31. I still remember back in 2010 when I first listened to this song, I fell for this song and Taeyang, and that was the time I got into KPOP. Even now, Taeyang is still my ultimate bias in KPOP.

  32. 2:57 I don't know if it's pure acting or not but he looks like he's angry and glaring at him tho
    (Just saying)

  33. i'm here for Taeyang and this masterpiece

  34. omg i've been searching for this song because of the '' BABYYY '' for a long time and i finally found it now !

  35. In fairness to the girl she has never shown interest on Taeyang she was always into that other guy

  36. 10 years and i still admire taeyang's braveness to come to her bestfriend's wedding, all smiles and sing her a damn song knowing his heart was getting crushed and broken. I cant even 🤧 mayghad this song 🥺


  37. any one on 2020?

  38. Miss you Oppa😘

  39. 几年了,还是很喜欢这首歌。。太喜欢了❤️

  40. Taeyang is Korean Justin Timberlake 👍

  41. Jalannya sama aku nikahnya sama orang lain:)

  42. That orange chicken lol

  43. BRING US BACK TO 2009!!!

  44. 한국노래에 왜 한국어 댓글이 하나도 없냐 도대체;;

  45. Old but gold ❤️

  46. I pretty much watched this mv more than 30 times

  47. Cant believe this was a whole 10 years ago. I miss this era so much!

  48. 11 years and I'm still heartbroken because of Youngbae.

  49. Im a sri lankan and i hate all the rest korean songs i have heard but this song touched my heart nice moves too not too much like bts shit if u guys hear our songs you will realise what you listning all this time

  50. I mean there's only one thing to do when you're in a community quarantine, it's watch bigbang mvs

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