The TRUTH About Idris Elba's Marriage

Idris Elba has had his fair share of women and was once labeled one the world’s most eligible bachelors. Many were convinced he would never settle down and would remain a ladies’ man due to his track record. But despite his rollercoaster dating history, he never gave up on finding the woman of his dreams. Here’s the truth about Idris Elba’s journey to finding the love of his life, model Sabrina Dhowre.

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Written by: Tamara A. McCullough
Voiceover: Stacy Thomas

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  1. His super fine azz can still get it.. Rona or not…..😍

  2. I think some people just lust after each and that's not love . Take time and get to know yourself first and then whoever you' re dating .

  3. You know, I thought he would have been married to a white woman, but I see he loved his black queen. True love story

  4. This story sounds like edris, belong to the LGBT community, like covering up

  5. 🤯🤯🤯

  6. Beautiful

  7. I die with a laugh when ever I hear his wife is a model she never walked on a runway I know her

  8. I’m just happy to see all the wmn in his life were/are black. Black love is important.

  9. Poor thing. He has corona virus

  10. He should hook up with Haley Berry. They both have the same track record.

  11. He has a “type”! All of his women look alike!!

  12. Idris is a ladies man. I expected to hear how he left and fell in love with another woman and so on and so on. Hope he sticks to this one but past behaviour influences future behaviour.

  13. All the fun is over, it's time to live seriously now.

  14. Wonderful

  15. I know Sabrina is Somali in East Africa but where in west Africa does he come from ?
    Nigeria Ghana?

  16. Sorry , I don't trust Hollywood marriages🙅 But i wish them all the best because marriage can be a beautiful thing👫p.s Boy does he move fast then they wander why it doesn't work…hope she is by him through his corona virus journey.

  17. But they have 10 years more different age ! But that does not matter

  18. I love the fact this black man love black women and did not get so Hollywood that he had to have another race on his arm and it shows he wants to be married an in love yes he has two kids, with two mothers but ended up getting married to another black queen to give love another try. ..

  19. Not sure where the sexy man label comes from….he's okay but being the sexiest is a stretch!

  20. Class, such class.

  21. He loves women so much, he seems to love the company of different women. I do hope his marriage is lifelong. But unfortunately there are women in the world who could care less that he is married , and will still pursue him. I hope he’s over that part of his life and can say no. .

  22. That is so sweet

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