Top 10 Counter Attack Goals RB Leipzig – Werner & Co. with Superfast Transitions


The Bulls’s Attacking Speciality in Focus
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When playing against Leipzig falling asleep for a single second can be costly. The quick transition from defence to attack is Leipzig’s speciality. We got out our stopwatch and can now bring you this: RB Leipzig’s 10 fastest goals after winning the ball in their own half. Tell us in the comments which goal you liked best.

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  1. I'm a Gooner and a Madridster, but gotta say I love how this team plays football, for me football it's about style and identity, I might make this team my German team, lol.

  2. Why am I seeing this in my feed after Leipzig beat Spurs? Is there some kind of algorithm running here?

    Oh! wait..

  3. Kalian adalah tim yang tak diperhitungkan di liga jerman yang merangkak dari bawah yaitu dari liga ke lima, tapi kalian mampu membuktikan bahwa kalian layak di liga tertinggi jerman. Bravo RB Leipzig… All the best for you

  4. Football. Europa League. Foursome 2017-2018. RB Leipzig – Marseille 1-0. Red Bull Arena was very impressed, the fans are very active and singing !!!

  5. Brilliant counter attacks.

    Leipzig is German Leicester.. challenging the big team Bayern for title is very commendable indeed.ok Leicester went a step ahead but still.very similar style of play..players play similar roles
    Werner= Vardy,forsberg=Mahrez,Demme= Kante

  6. Timo Werner's turning into the model striker, eye-watering pace, clinical finishing and near perfect positioning.

  7. Germany pretty much was complete as a team, they lacked a striker. Muller is more of a wing or mid. Now tha timo Werner is alive, they are complete and look better than ever. Wouldn't be surprising to win the 2018 world cup.

  8. Werner is way better then Vardy. Werner aims at the goal before he shoots not like Vardy where u just hit the ball and depends on your luck

  9. Will Leipzig be alright without Naby Keita? I hope that they are not like Leicester. Once they lose Kante they are so close to getting relegated


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