U.S. Officials Say Kim Jong Un May Be Incapacitated After Surgery | NBC Nightly News


Several officials told NBC News that U.S. intelligence reporting indicates that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un recently had cardiovascular surgery and has been out of public view for days. South Korean officials have denied that Kim is ill.
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U.S. Officials Say Kim Jong Un May Be Incapacitated After Surgery | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Why are the white privilege socialist parasites always worrying about people in other countries? These germs found out that Kim has the biggest button. Trump now know this. He looks ike the fool that he is.

  2. For a 3 foot 8 little guy, he sure does carry the 300 pounds pretty well. Very weird. On a side note.. You know that dude collects Dungeon & Dragon cards.

  3. He's incapacitated and is running a high fever, along with blood pressure up and downs as well as a urine catheter and I.V. solution dripping around the clock!

    That is the true latest.

  4. SO KIm is just following the well worn path of Self Assination. He is ironically doing what he fears more, killing himself. He is weak and pathetic, glutonous, little man born into power in a family of beasts. It is Karmic that he end this way. It is Karmic that all tyranical dynasties die of their own excesses and crimes. One way or another, he can't escape who he is. And so it goes. Another beast soon to be venerated in some travesty of a State Funeral.

    Just like the Funeral for Stalin. How many Russians and East Europeans and Germans did Stalin have a lead hand in destroying? Maybe there will be a new sort of Leadership that does not rely on death and brutality to govern? Wow! How could that be possible? We are such brutal little animals we humans. Could we ever rise up from our animalistic past and become …enlightened? That would be so nice and so welcomed. Would we dare to stop and just accept a whole set of different priorities?

    Would it be so bad if we stopped buying guns and stopped shooting up schools and offices and places of worship? Would it be so bad if dictators stopped persecuting whole tribes and segments of their countries? Ask the people of Nova Scottia if they would like a safer world? Ask the people of Syria and Lebanon, Libya, and China and Russia, and OF COURSE THE WHOLE of the United States of America, with our 400 million or so privately owned guns. And our friends in Mexico. Would they love to wake up to NO DRUG CARTELS? So we need to stop. It is killing us just like Kim is killing himself. Can we?


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